J7 – Secret Bay, Dominica

Dates: 17 to 23 February 2016

Callsign: J79E

/J7 – Secret Bay, Dominica
J7 – Secret Bay, Dominica 2018-10-18T05:39:38-05:00

J79E ham raio opration treehouse in Dominica ham radio opration.

Here’s our tree house on Dominica.

Secret Bay
Secret Cove, Dominica
Phone: (767) 445-4444
E-mail: info@SecretBay.dm


J79E QSL Card Front

J79E qsl card front.

J79E QSL Card Back

J79E qsl card back for the Wj2O dx ham radio operation.


The ARRL has a very nice set of pages about obtaining a license in other countries.

Here is a PDF of my license application that I mailed December 10th, 2015.
Their office was very friendly. They actually called me to ask which callsign I would like. By the end of January I received this license.

J79E licese for Wj2O ham rio DXp to Dominica.

J79E ham radio license.

 Trip Statistics Report

J79E ham radio operation in Dominica.

Elecraft K3
Tarheel II Screwdriver Antenna
Dell Inspiron Mini Laptop

J79E ham radio operation score in the CQww contest.on.J79E ham radio operation ARRL contestdiploma

J79E, Dominica Island WJ2O ham radio operation

Using American Airlines we made two stops on our way to the island.