ZP – Asunción, Paraguay

Dates: 31 August to 3 September 1995

Callsign: ZP5/WJ2O

/ZP – Asunción, Paraguay
ZP – Asunción, Paraguay 2019-02-12T04:28:32-05:00

I had an invitation to stay at the beautiful home of Malcolm, ZP5RG. In return my job was to teach him all I know about computers in three days. This was my first stop on my “South American Tour” which included Easter Island, Chile and Argentina.

Home of ZP5RG, Malcolm where I operatted as ZP/WJ2O

QTH of Malcom ZP5RG , in Asunción.

Malcom and Zuni at the entrance of their hme in Asunción, Paraguay.

Above are my hosts Malcolm, ZP5RG, and his wife Zuni at the front entrance to their home.

Getting There

Packing for the Paraguay trip as ZP/WJ2O.

Packing. This is my garage where I was trying to be very strategic with the packing for my South American trip.

ZP5RG QTH in Asunción


Old merdedes of Malcolm, ZP5RG. in

Car port


Malcolm, ZP5RG at the front entrance of his Asunción home.

Front entrance

Room of WJ2O , Dave at the home of Malcom ZP5RG

Living out of suitcases. I guess I should have tidied up a bit before taking this shot.

backyard furniture at the hoem of ZP5RG Malcolm.

Backyard patio

Woodworking shack of malcolm in his Asunción huse.

Malcolm’s woodworking shack

Malcolm sitting in his ZP ham radio station.

ZP5RG at his station

Trip to Caacupe

Basilica of Caacupe

The Basicilica of Caacupe
The pope visited and gave a service here in 1987.

Jeep Montero of Malcolm in Paraguay, where we rode to Caacupe.

Malcom’s Street Machine
Malcolm was very proud of his Montero. The spring loaded seats made an otherwise bumpy ride very smooth.

Street wher ZP5CW, Dan lives in Caacupe, paraguay

Doug’s Street. We visited the home of Doug and Dani Wooley who are ZP6CW and ZP6CU.

Doug, ZP6CW in his station.in Caacupe.

Doug, ZP6CW, Station.
Doug seated comfortably at his home station

ZP6CW, WJ2O, ZP6CU psosing for a photo in Caacupe.

ZP6CW, WJ2O, ZP6CU. Doug, Dave and Dani

ZP6CW, ZP6CU, ZP5RG in fron t of the home of Dougn in Caacupe, Paraguay.

Doug, Dani and Malcolm

ZP5/WJ2O QSL Card Front

ZP5/WJ2O QSL card front

ZP5/WJ2O QSL Card Back

ZP5/WJ2O QSL card back.

Any ZP licensed ham can grant a license holder from an approved third party country permission to operate for a period not to exceed five days. In other words . . . I didn’t need one.


Here is a “camp” owned by ZP5RG near the airport. In Paraguay they call these a Quincho. That is Doug, ZP6CW, to the left.

Trip Statistics Report

I made a total of 677 QSOs all on CW and I believe all in one night.

Kenwood TS-850S Transceiver,
Collins 30L-1 Amplifier,
486-30 Computer,
TH6 Beam,
long wire and a sloper.

Ham radio shack of ZP5RG.

WJ2O listening to the pile up at the shack of ZP5RG.
The only thing hard about this trip was the beam was
cut for the phone portion of the band.

WJ2O listening to the pile up at the shack of ZP5RG. The only thing hard about this trip was the beam was cut for the phone portion of the band.

Customs: I hired a bag boy/translator just as I got off the plane. He said the customs official asked if I had anything to declare. I responded, “no,” and that was that.

Plane that took me from Santiago (Chile ) to Asunción (Paraguay)

Here is the plane than took me the short hop over the Ande´s Mountains into Santiago, Chile.

Asunción, Paraguay airport terminal from the aircraft.

A shot of the airport terminal at Asunción.