YL – Jelgava, Latvia

Dates: 29 May 2013

Callsign: YL/WJ2O/M

/YL – Jelgava, Latvia
YL – Jelgava, Latvia 2019-02-12T04:16:48-05:00



Mobile Set-up

Battery connection on the reantal car we had in Latvia.

The Battery connection. outfitting the rental car.

Detail of the motor with battery connection for the radio.
The back seat of the rental car with connections, radio and other gadgets

The Back Seat. Somewhat of a mess.

More details of the connection inside the rental car.
Setup inside the vehicle of the radio, computer and gps unit.

Rental car ready to operate from Latvia, as YL/WJ2O

Ok, car, we’re going places

My First Radio Stop   – Near Jelgava, Latvia

Parked just adjacent of some yellow fields.

Fields of yellow.

Telescopic tarheel antenna connected to the rental car.

Telescopic antenna. Once parked I attached the telescopic antenna to the screwdriver coil. It helps me get out.

Detail of the qsos going on from the mobile setup.

Facer of the kenwood radio that I used from Latvia as YL/WJ2O.

YL/WJ2O/M QSL Card Front

YL/WJ2O/M QSL card front.

YL/WJ2O/M QSL Card Back

YL/WJ2O/M QSL card back.