KH1 – Baker Island

Dates: 27 June to 6 July 2018

Callsign: KH1/KH7Z

KH1 – Baker Island 2024-04-19T18:06:07-05:00

KH1/KH7Z gets DXpedition of the year from the Japan CQ Magazine during the International DX Convention at Visalia, California.

DXpedition from Japan

From Left:
George Wallner, AA7JV
John Miller, K6MM
Arnie Shatz, N6HC
Ned Stearns, AA7A
Kevin Rowett, K6TD (co-captain)
Rick Boulis, N4HU
Jerry Chouinard (ground support)
Don Greenbaum, N1DG (co-captain)
Ken Tanuma, JN1THL

James Brooks, 9V1YC
Tomi Pekarik, HA7RY
Mike Snow, KN4EEI
Bud Semon, N7CW
Neil King, VA7DX
Dave Farnsworth, WJ2O

Gentry / Dauer

Kh1 Gentry de Wj2O

KH1 Gentry de WJ2O

KH1 Dauer de WJ2O

KH1 Dauer de WJ2O



There are no special requirements for licensing provided you have a valid US operating license. Getting permission to land is a much greater obstacle.

Operating inside the CW tent on Baker Island

WJ2O Operating inside the CW tent on Baker Island 2018, KH1/KH7Z

DXpedition of the Year from Japan

We got the very prestigious “DXpedition of the Year”

SSB Tent on Baker Island

The SSB Tent on Baker Island KH1/KH7Z.Operators:
–Ken Tanuma, JH1THL, with his back to us
–Rick, N4HU, foreground
–Neil King, VA7DX, next to Rick

Traveling the South Pacific

I start in KH8 first, flying into Pago Pago from Hawaii on Hawaiian Airlines.

Traveling the South Pacific

Travel route

Funny that Hawaii Airline’s navigation uses Baker Island as a point of reference.

Baker DXpedition

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