VE – Sept-Îles, Quebec, Canada (CQ Zone 2)

Dates: 26 October to 1 November 1994

Callsign: WJ2O/VE2 and VE2NRK

/VE – Sept-Îles, Quebec, Canada (CQ Zone 2)
VE – Sept-Îles, Quebec, Canada (CQ Zone 2) 2019-02-12T02:56:45-05:00


Chaletyin Canada zone 2, we operated as WJ2O/VE2, VE2NRK (DAve) and WB2K/VE2, VE2TJA (John) Accommodations:
We rented the 2-bedroom chalet for 100 dollars Canadian per day. It was an excellent place to stay with all the comforts of home right down to the coffee pot. Our main contact was Jean Claude, VE2XY. He made all the arrangements to rent the chalet and is the key individual at the club station. He lives so close to the club station that you can see his antennas from there.

Call signs used : Dave: WJ2O/VE2, VE2NRK
John: WB2K/VE2, VE2TJA

Arrival in Sept-iles, Canda to operate ham radio.

We Arrived. After many long hours of driving through the night it’s nice to see we arrived in Sept-Îles.

River in Canada

The River. Up here the river is so wide you could mistake it for the Ocean because you can’t see the other side.

The Clubhouse

Jean Paul, VE2UA, Dominique, VE2DMG and Rod, VE2NN. standing in front of the Club Station.

Club members. Here are the local hams who gave us a lot of assistance during our visit. (left to right) Jean Paul, VE2UA, Dominique, VE2DMG and Rod, VE2NN.

Club station towwr in Sept.-iles. Canada.

This is the back of the club station and what the tower looked like when we first arrived. That is John at the base.

John, WB2K, Jean Paul, VE2UA, Rod, VE2NN and Dominique, VE2DMG. in club station

Inside the spacious club house. (left to right) John, WB2K, Jean Paul, VE2UA, Rod, VE2NN and Dominique, VE2DMG.

We donated a Mosley PRO-3 antenna to the radio club.

Assembling the Mosley PRO-37 that we brought and gave to the club.

John (WB2K) on the tower making adjustments in Sept-iles, Canada.

John (WB2K) did all the tower work on a very cold windy day. I’m sure his fingers were frozen.

Sttion ready for the contest.

All set and ready to contest.

Beverage antenna in three differente directions.

Beverage feed point.
At the club station we strung out beverages in 3 different directions. The switching is performed in this box.

Outside doing antenna work in Sept-Iles, Canada Club Station.

Everything was a blur, I only remember being cold and wanting to be inside.

John (WB2K) taking fotos near the club station.

John (WB2K) took time to snap some shots too.

John (WB2K) performing soem preliminary testing of the antenna and radio set-up.

John (WB2K) testing the antenna and the whole setup.

Station 1 ready for the contest operation.

Station 1 was ready for operation


The Chalet

Antenna unloading from the van after our arrival to Canada.

We had lots of aluminum to unload from the van.

This was our operating ham radio shck in Canada.

Chalet in Canada.


Interior of the chalet we used as our radio shack.

Kitchen view of the chalet we rented in Canada.

Chalet kitchen.

Bedroom of the chalet we rented in Canada for our ham radio operation.

Chalet bedroom

Chalet posterior view.

Back of the chalet

John (WB2K) trying to assemble antenna sections.

John (WB2K) pulling antenna sections. Antenna assembly is fun!

The original mast could not handle the weight of the antenna and it bent.

Dave clowning around. We had a bit of a problem as our original mast did not handle the weight.

Butternut HF-2V vertical and the Mosley TA-33yagi antennas up and ready for testing.

In the foreground the Butternut HF-2V and the Mosley TA-33 out by the river.

Mosley TA-33 yagi antenna up and ready to operate.

Mosley TA-33 erected near the chalet.

Station 2 is ready for opeation in Sept-Iles, Canada.

Station 2 ready.

Contest Operating

John operated as WB2K/VE2, VE2TJA from the club station in Canada.

John operating at the club station.

VE2NRK, Dave´s (WJ2O) Canadian call opearting the second station.

Dave (VE2NRK) operating station 2 (The Chalet)

Going Home

John (WB2K) loading the van to head back to the US. in New York.

John (WB2K) packing the Mosley TA-33 back on the van.

WJ2O/VE2  – VE2NRK QSL Card Front

WJ2O/VE2 - VE2NRK QSL card front

WJ2O/VE2  – VE2NRK QSL Card Back

WJ2O/VE2 - VE2NRK QSL card back.

There is a reciprocal agreement between the United States and Canada that allows us to operate in each other’s country without any licensing or notification requirement whatsoever.

John and I wanted to see if we could get our Canadian licenses anyway. We made arrangements to take the test in Kingston, Ontario a couple of months before the trip. Our Canadian VE, Bernard Bardsall, VE2NB, administered the tests from his home. First you are given a basic exam followed by 12 wpm code test and then the Advanced exam. Much to our surprise, we passed. About a month later our licenses came in the mail. We registered our station location as Sept-Îles so we would be issued VE2 calls.

Canada license for WJ2O/VE2 - VE2NRK

Certificate of proficiency in amateur radio.

Radio Station license in Canada

Radio Station License for WJ2O/VE2 – VE2NRK.

Trip Statistics Report

Sept-Îles, Quebec, Canada. Two stations were set up, one at the local club station which was right on the edge of town and another at a chalet about 15 miles NE of Sept-Îles. We drove North with a van chucked full of equipment and antennas. We permanently installed a Mosley beam at the club station with a lot of help from the local hams.

John operated as WB2K/VE2, VE2TJA from the club station in Canada.

John operating at the club.

Station 1 (Club)
Yaesu FT-1000 Transceiver
Alpha 87A Amplifier
Toshiba Portable 386-SX Computer
K1EA Voice Digitiser
Mosley PRO-37 Beam
1/4 Wave Dipoles on 40 through 160
3 Beverages with K2ZJ Beverage Box

Station 2 (Chalet)
Kenwood TS-940 Transceiver
Alpha 76A Amplifier
486 DX Laptop Computer
Home-Brew Voice Digitiser
Mosley TA-33 Beam
HF2-V Butternut Vertical with 160 add on coil
Beverage with K2ZJ Beverage Box

Road mao from NY to Quebec in Canada.

We drove 7 hours non-stop from my home in upstate New York upstate to Quebec, Canada.