OH – Helsinki, Finland

Callsign: OH/WJ2O and OH/K2KAR

OH – Helsinki, Finland 2024-04-06T15:07:16-05:00

We actually got to Finland (OH) via sea by taking a ferry from the coast city of Stadsgården (Sweden).

Finland is a Northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia. Its capital, Helsinki, occupies a peninsula and surrounding islands in the Baltic Sea. Helsinki is home to the 18th-century sea fortress Suomenlinna, the fashionable Design District and diverse museums.

Seppl Familie Hotel in Helsinko, Finland

Seppl Familie Hotel in Mutters, Austria.

Helsinko, Finland

Kim (OH6KZP) met us at the ferry terminal when our boat docked. A short while later, Miika (OH2BAD) and his wife Raili joined us.

With Miska in Roismala

I had to find somebody my own age to goof around… here with Miska — in Roismala, Länsi-Suomen Lääni, Finland.


QTH of Jaakko in Taivassalo

Miika and Raili brought us to the QTH of Jaakko (OH1TX) in Taivassalo

Lunch in Finland

Jaakko (OH1TX) made us a delicious lunch, and then some ice cream with strawberries.

OH2BAD with K2KAR in Finland



Vammala, Turku, and Huittinen

From Huittinen to Helsinki, Finland

The Onni Bus took us from Huittinen to Helsinki. Karen sat on the front seat on the upper level.

On our way to Vammala

On our way to Vammala, we changed buses at the bus station in Huittinen, Finland

Turku Cathedral

We visited Turku Cathedral with Miika (OH2BAD) and his wife Raili

Inside the Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral

Gentry for Dauer

To make things a little less confusing we all lifted our hands and did the Gentry for Dauer.

Dauer for Gentry

We had to teach them what the Dauer was too… so we did the Dauer for Gentry


OH/WJ2O QSL Card front
OH/WJ2O QSL Card back

CEPT Licensing Agreement

With the understanding of how the CEPT Licensing Agreement works, we assigned ourselves the callsigns OH/WJ2O and OH/K2KAR.

We operated from the home of Jakko (OH1TX) as OH/Wj2O and OH/K2KAR

OH/WJ2O on the air in Taivassalo

OH/WJ2O on the air in Taivassalo

OH1TX room full of older equipment

OH1TX room full of older equipment

Aerial photo of Jaakko’s (OH1TX) QTH

Aerial photo of Jaakko’s (OH1TX) QTH, borrowed from his website

Karen at the helm of OH1TX

Karen (K2KAR) at the helm of OH1TX


OH1TX antenna

Still another OH1TX antenna… view from his sister’s house

OH1TX antenna

Another OH1TX antenna

To get to Finland on July 23, we took a ferry from Stadsgården


ferry to Finland

Hanging out by the beer truck while waiting for our ferry to Finland — at Stadsgården, Viking Line Terminalen.

cabin window

View from our cabin window…

our cabin

Our cabin this time was much larger!

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