TI – Hereida, Costa Rica

Dates: 30 and 31 March 2017

Callsign: TI2/WJ2O

TI – Hereida, Costa Rica 2024-04-10T22:44:11-05:00

I hit the airwaves in Costa Rica in March of 2017. We had a great stay with the XYL. Nice time to relax, go for a dip in the oceano!

San Jose

San Jose has a nice variety of Victorian Houses.

Victorian Houses pool San Jose

I guess I wore the wrong shirt to blend in with the pool and sky in C.R.

Food and drinks

Food in Hereida

I love Central and South America, but this gringo still can´t figure out this guacamole thing.

beer in Costa Rica

Imperial is the most popular beer in Costa Rica.

Food in Costa Rica

Waiting on the big yellow bus

Bus in Costa Rica

I lied its mostly green.

Drinking beer in Costa Rica

Another photo that sucks.

The Costa Rican Gentry

The Costa Rican Gentry

The Costa Rican Dauer

The Costa Rican Dauer

Having a beer in Costa Rica

I kind had a little too many cervezas and so I relieved myself in the largest WC in the world.. No big-gee.



Getting license in Costa Rica was just a matter of getting in contact with the Supertintendencia de Telecomunicaciones (SUTEL) and filling out the application form you get https://sutel.go.cr/pagina/radio-aficionados-y-banda-ciudadana.

After filling in all the regular info then add:

1) 2 passport size photos

2) Scan of your US license (add the translation of you license)

3) Scan of your US passport.


After you have you paperwork ready, just FEDEX it to:

Srs. Viceministerio de Telecomunicaciones

Edificio Almendros, Barrio Tournón. Diagonal al Banco HSBC.

San José 10101,

Costa Rica

First I gave it a try from my hotel room, but the conditions and my working conditions (my new Elecraft KX2 radio) didn’t give me much of a punch on the air.

A few days later I visited the home of TI2CC, Carlos Paéz. He was very gracious and let me operate from his home station. I spent the whole afternoon with Carlos and spoke ham stuff and operated during my visit. Extraordinary visit. Thanks Carlos!

Operating in Costa Rica

I actually operated from two places in Costa Rica

Station of TI2CC

Station of TI2CC, Carlos Paéz.

Dave WJ2O operating in Costa Rica

So here I am with a decent signal from TI2 as TI2/WJ2O. Do you hear me now?

Actually there are many flights out of the U.S. to Costa Rica. We took the plane out of Syracuse Hancock International Airport and landed directly to San José, the capital of Costa Rica .

U.S. to Costa Rica

Points = First Class

Travel Route