YN – Granada, Nicaragua

Dates: 22 to 30 April 2015

Callsign: YN/WJ2O

YN – Granada, Nicaragua 2024-04-17T22:31:34-05:00

Octavio, YN2N, and his wife with Dave WJ2O

Octavio, YN2N, and his wife are the most gracious hosts. They made my stay very enjoyable and comfortable. Martha is a most excellent cook and prepared wonderful abundant meals every day.

YN2N shack

Dave, WJ2O, Martha and Octavio, YN2N

A guestroom and his shack are available for rent at a very reasonable rate to visiting hams. You can contact Octavio directly at YN2N@gmx.com for additional information.


QTH of Martha and Octavio YN2N

QTH of Martha and Octavio YN2N


The magical kitchen. Where all Martha’s nice meals come from.

living room

Very spacious living room.

assortment of fruit trees

The driveway here is lined with an assortment of fruit trees. This is the dry season. Everything needs water.

Flowering Bush

Flowering Bush. This nice flowering plant is known as Buganvilia, although it has a variety of names in several countries.

Name the Nut

Name The Nut. A nut is derived from this fruit. Guess which one?

WJ2O car


Dipoles and Yagis and Quads

Dipoles and Yagis and Quads . . . oh my!


Check out this driven element is where the QSB starts.


I’m beaming a signal in your direction. Do you copy? Over . . .

Main tower

Main tower

Closeup of the tribander

Closeup of the tribander

Home Cooked Meals

Home Cooked Meals

Just a light lunch. Good home light cooking.

Huevos Octavio

Huevos Octavio. You gotta love these eggs in the morning named after it’s inventor, Octavio.

Homemade lemon pie

Homemade lemon pie. With the fruit grown on premises.

Octavio and Dave WJ2O

Pie eating contest. Not really, however Octavio and I sure did enjoy it.

Visiting Granada

Granada Church

Like most small towns in Latin America the church is always in the main plaza.

Downtown Granada, Nicaragua

Downtown Granada, Nicaragua.

oldest church in Granada

The oldest church in Granada.

Artist in Granada, Nicaragua

This vendor is taking the painting I just purchased off the frame for easy transport.

Horse and carriages rides in Granada, Nicaragua

Horse and carriages rides are offered in Granada downtown.

Day Trip to San Juan del Sur

Nicaragua Pacific Coast beach

Nicaragua Pacific Coast beach.

Great lunch fish and shrimp

Great lunch fish and shrimp. That’s my salad in the goblet.

Dave WJ2O

Nicaragua Gentry WJ2O

Nicaragua Gentry with 2 DXCC entities in the background.


Mountain Granada, Nicaragua

Mountain side, probably rich in iron due to the red color.

Tour guide in YN

Our guide in YN

Jesus statue in San Juan del Sur

Jesus statue in San Juan del Sur.

El Timon Restaurant

El Timon Restaurant sign, El timón es helm.

Day Trip to Lake Granada and The National Volcano

Volcano and Lake Granada

Drive to the Volcano and Lake Granada.

On the boat in Lake Granada

Beautiful house in Granada

Monkey in Granada

Birds in Lake Granada

Lake Granada

Birds in Volcano and Lake Granada

Dave WJ2O making mud pots

Beautiful mud pots

Lady making mud posts in Granada

Dave in Rickshaw

Dave WJ2O

Dave WJ2O

Park in Granada

Dave WJ2O

Plaza De Oviedo

Returning Home

Traffic circle Granada

Traffic circle. Finding our way home.

Overhanging trees in Granada

Overhanging trees. This is a lovely stretch of road where the trees grew over the road and intertwined.

Managua International Airport

Managua International Airport.

Dave WJ2O Saying good-bye to a friend on Managua International Airport

Saying Good-bye. Going to miss this very nice gentleman and friend.

Inside the terminal of Managua International Airport

Shops. Inside the terminal and at the gates it’s just like any other modern day airport with shops.


YN/WJ2O QSL Card front
YN/WJ2O QSL Card back



Yaesu FT950 Transceiver
Drake L4 Amplifier
Green Heron Radio Boss Rig Interface
Dell Inspiron Mini Laptop
Bencher Paddles


80 m Dipole for 80 & 40 M
40 m 2 el cubical quad beaming 30 deg Europe
40 m wire 3 el yagi beam the pacific 290 deg
60 m sloper dipole
30 m sloper dipole
20, 15, 10 m beam A3S
17 m 2 el quad
12 m 3 el yagi
6 m 3 el quad

Station 2 (Chalet)
Kenwood TS-940 Transceiver
Alpha 76A Amplifier
486 DX Laptop Computer
Home-Brew Voice Digitiser
Mosley TA-33 Beam
HF2-V Butternut Vertical with 160 add on coil
Beverage with K2ZJ Beverage Box

Dave WJ2O equipment in Granada
WJ2O equipment in Granada


I used some of my American Airlines points and was fortunate to get First Class/Business Class seats.