PJ4 – Rincon, Bonaire

Dates: 21 to 28 May 2014

Callsign: PJ4J, PJ4/AI2N, PJ4/N2ZN and PJ4/WJ2O

PJ4 – Rincon, Bonaire 2024-04-10T21:17:23-05:00

This little village of Rincon, Bonaire boasts a population of 5,000. That’s about the same as my home Town of Camden, NY. Over the years I often hear comments that all my home town has are gas stations and bars. Well, I’m happy to learn that this village only has one gas station but twice as many watering holes like this one as home. The locals here have priorities!

village of Rincon, Bonaire


Susan Swindles in front of the shack

Susan Swindles standing in front of the “Shack” where we stayed for the week.

Sorobon Beach – Bonaire N.A.

Mountain of salt. With Ken Boasi (N2ZN) Redd Swindells (AI2N) and Susan Peters Swindells at the beach hut at Sorobon Beach – Bonaire N.A.

Arrival to Bonaire

Arrival to Bonaire, in the Caribbean.

relaxing time in Bonaire

True arrival. Dave (PJ4/ WJ2O) and Redd (PJ4/AI2N) having a relaxing arrival.

antenna SWR

Ken Boasi (N2ZN) checking the antenna SWR before breakfast…

Dave WJ2O

Dave Vs. The Tower

Ken, PJ4/N2ZN

Ken, PJ4/N2ZN, on 10 meters beaming Europe.

Rincon sign

Rincon sign.

Setting up the station with Ken

Tug of war. Setting up the station with Ken (N2ZN)

PJ4J, PJ4/AI2N, PJ4/N2ZN and PJ4/WJ2O QSL Card

PJ4J QSL Card front
PJ4J QSL Card back


license to operate

This was our license to operate as PJ4J, PJ4/AI2N, PJ4/N2ZN and PJ4/WJ2O during and outside of the CW WPX CW contest.

Trip Statistics Report

working as PJ4J

Dave`s eye view, working as PJ4J in the CW WPX contest

landing into Bonaire

Plane coming into landing into Bonaire.